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Apr 26, 2011
@ 5:01 pm

"You make me laugh, 'cause your eyes they light the night, they look right through me" »

When I first heard “Poetry Man” I was completely enamoured.  I listened to that song over and over, singing every line, and I never tired of it.  The song was like magic to me, every time I listened to it I was under her spell.

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Apr 26, 2011
@ 10:30 am
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Obit of the Day (Breaking): Phoebe Snow

The Teaneck, New Jersey native with the beautiful voice died today after spending several months in a medically induced coma following a 2010 stroke.

Snow, who found fame singing in the folk hotbed of Greenwich Village, debuted with a self-titled album in 1975. Her highest charting single, “Poetry Man,” reached #5 on the charts. She also received a Grammy for best new artist.

After her daughter, Valerie, was born with serious brain damage that same year, Snow withdrew from her new-found fame to take of her. She recorded again in the 1980s and 1990s but never matched her original success.

Her daughter died in 1997 at the age of 31.

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Apr 26, 2011
@ 9:28 am
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Rest in Peace, Phoebe Snow

gone from this world today at age 58.

Her music gave so much light to my world.

Phoebe Snow - Poetry Man